Upcoming Changes: Opinion Pieces on current social situations 

(with probable emphasis on the USA situation)

I wanted to post this at noon, but I was distracted.

Since 2017 started, I’ve wanted to do what I could for all the upheavals and dangers that been piling up. So far, this has prominently amounted to dontations and taking part in the Every Single Day Challenge (once with others and another time on my own.) I’ll still make dontations, but as I gnawed my brain for what I could do, seeing others set up finraising and offer services, I suddenly wondered: what would I do in the current social climate if I wasn’t trying to follow what I felt like everyone else was doing?

The answer, it turned out, was to speak up and share my thoughts. 

I’m not expecting to make an impact and will continue to see donations as the main way to make a difference in my current life situation. But saying something, even if small and opinionated, is saying something. So, that’s what I’m going to do.

(In the coming weeks, I will be renaming, relinking, reconstructing, and reorganizing this blog. So if things are messy for awhile, that’s why. Thank you for your patience. Also, I won’t stop posting about writing or books, but these opinion pieces will probably be more prominent for now.)


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