#2: Survival Threat Paradox

Thoughts on Charlottesville. This was originally going to be my first post, but the solar eclipse was too fitting not to post first.

Why is the “don’t meet violence with more violence” only directed at people who have been threatened? Imagine a close-knit neighborhood and a person waving a gun runs in, shouting about killing everyone in the neighborhood. The neighbors drive the person away through force, but the neighbors are the ones who are too violent?

Animals (which humans are — and if even you see animals as separate from humans, this is still true) will defend against survival threats. Any organism (and in certain situations, the organism’s network of bonds: social, emotional, kinship ties), when threatened or in danger, will not lay down and let it happen. This doesn’t have to be violent, per se, but even bacteria adapt to they will survive. And I seriously doubt humans wouldn’t too. But only humans have ideologies that discrimination and violence.

This is nothing new in the United States; Survival threats have been building for years.

Disclaimer: these are my uneducated opinions. I am not an expert. I only have strong, persistent opinions, acquired from listening to others, living life, and reading. If anyone notices any errors or misuse of words and meaning, let me know and I will correct any post or information.

Written 8/16/17 + 8/17/17 + 8/19/17


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