#3: Both Sides Incongruity 

More Charlottesville thoughts

Why does “both sides have a point” dismantle the baseline truth that lives were (and are) threatened for existing.

Think about that.

It’s like if someone decided to kill certain animals for a rotary traits, like color or lifestyle.  dog with spots because those animals aren’t as good (i.e. deemed inferior). In the USA, for example, the general narrative and attitude is that universally dogs are good. (For the most part. All dogs except dogs that are too “violent” or are deemed “dangerous” by appearance or history, e.g. Rottweilers and pit bulls.) The idea that specific appearance of dogs should be exterminated should seem absurd and disturbing. Because it is. Or it should be. But it’s okay if people do that to other people?

I’m sorry about the metaphor. It’s the best example I could think that took into account USA generalism (“we love dogs”) and the shock-contrast of selective murder.

I love (non-human) animals; they’re easier to understand than people. Now I don’t believe animals are emotionally pure. They can be petty and jealous and crafty and ingenious. But certain humans are incredible for cognitively thinking murder as good. I don’t mean serial killers and such. I mean those people who, for all intents, seem sensible and successful and willing to kill whole groups of living, unique individuals.

It’s frightening that certain people see no incongruity between killing another human and not killing another human because…. Who knows? Since I can’t wrap my mind around why anyone would authentically, truthfully, sincerely, honestly murder Jewish people, black people, lgbtan+ people, and so on, let alone allies who defend them. Wanting to kill people, in a sincere ideological way, is still murder.

The next batch will post the first week of September.

Disclaimer: these are my uneducated opinions. I am not an expert. I only have strong, persistent opinions, acquired from listening to others, living life, and reading. If anyone notices any errors or misuse of words and meaning, let me know and I will correct any post or information.

Written 8/16/17 + 8/17/17 + 8/25/17


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