Toothiana Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies

The Guardians: Book Three

by William Joyce

“If you have them under your pillow as you sleep, or hold it tightly, you will remember that which you need — a memory of happy days, or of deepest hopes, or even of us in better times” (Joyce, 93).

Chapter Twelve

Last week Mr. Qwerty told Katherine and the other Guardians about how Toothiana’s parents, Haroom and Rashmi, met. Because there are no children in Pujam Hy Loo, the family moves to live among mortals. Their lives are peaceful for a while, until Toothiana turns twelve and loses her last baby tooth.

Then she sprouts wings, much to the delight of the other children.  But their parents, the grown-ups “were bewildered… [and] [s]ome thought she was an evil spirit and should be killed; others saw ways to use her, as either a freak to be caged and paraded about, or to force her to fly to the palace of the new maharaja and steal his jewels” (86).

I don’t have the words to express how angry this makes me. She’s a child and all the adults can think of is how to use to her to increase their fortune or to kill she defies what is normal. It just…it makes me furious. As the text sums up concisely: “The grown-ups of the village had gone mad with fear and greed” (87). Basically, they’re jerks. And it won’t get any better.

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To Exist [Day 115]


THE GENTLE TINKLING of ice swirled against the glossy stone.

Hanging her head on her knees, she felt a little gurgle of thought rise up from the relentless chill that had stealthily been consuming her since she was lost out in the snow. She shook herself. Even her thoughts were running away, long winding hopeless tirades…

She shook herself again. What had she thought? Ah, yes: why was she here?

Not literally. She knew why she had come out here, but why was she here — in existence — at all? What purpose did she have? Or rather, if there was no purpose for anyone, why had she, among the many curious and random chances of the universe, ever become at all? Wouldn’t the world be better, more peaceful, more vital, more expressive, without her?


Written: 29 Dec 2015

Words: 136

Inspired: feelings of the morning + weather

A/N: I know I’ve been really bad with these. It’s just been hard recently to get up and write them. My habits and routines have been blargh recently. Also, I’d like to do more with this blog than just post daily writings and book responses/reviews. I’ll see what the New Year brings.


Writing Demons: Meaning

So after everything I’ve been talking about, why do I use the term “demon” to refer these creatures?

After a certain Disney cartoon episode aired, I finally realized how demons can be simultaneous with terror. Admittedly, it was more weird-horror (which is apparently not something I care for), but it still made me see for the first time how a creature classified as a demon might actually be frightening.

And I mean frightening in a way other than how bears can be frightening because they’re stronger and deadlier than a human physically  and operate on completely different comprehension of the world.

Which, interestingly, points out precisely where my conception of my demons originates: biology.

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