Chronicle #3: 10 Oct 2016 – 18 Oct 2016

I was on a trip most of this week, so sorry for my absence.

  • Finished the fourth story in my NaNoWriMo 2015; it ended taking more time because there were way more scenes than I had anticipated/planned (I thought I had one scene left but it became four scenes)
  • Started the completion of the (extensively outlined) fifth story in my NaNo 2015
  • Started the completion of the sixth (and final) story in my NaNo 2015 (yay)
  • Did some mapping and history clarification
  • Wrote a vignette about characters sharing feelings
  • Attempted to move my google docs to a new owner/email
  • Did character and plot building for Garden of Flowers/Chthonic Flowers (I really need to 1. Explain what all my story categories mean, and 2. Come up with a better title name
  • Wrote a short action snippet from Romance of Three Jewels
  • Wrote a character birthday drabble (11 October)

Chronicle #1: 1 Oct – 8 Oct 2016

As I said, I want to start sharing my writing or at least what I’m doing with my writing projects. Now that I’m more settled (on a New England autumn foliage tour), here’s what’s I’ve been working on since October started.

  • wrote two scenes in my unfinished NaNoWriMo 2015, decided that that story (since it’s a collection of interrelated short stories) would be better written after the one before it (since writing a novel in the order its read in may work better for me), and have since made good progress
  • said content (witches) of said progress inspired me to write a vignette (~1,600 words) about one character’s backstory and the comparison of witches from different parts of the world he inhabits
  • sketched, inked, and partially colored a picture of a character from NaNo 2015
  • did some initial brainstorm writing for some old ideas (Garden/Moon Lineage)
  • sketched, inked, and fully colored a picture from a recent Drabble A Day (I was quite pleased with it)

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Fairy Tale Friday: Princess of the Tower


and Other Maiden in the Tower Tales From Around the World

Since it’s May I will be focusing exclusively on Rapunzel or ATU 310 Maiden in the Tower tales.

Princess of the Tower (94-101)

ATU 310 Maiden in the Tower

So Princess Solima was put into a fortress by the sea by her father, the king, because she had no qualms about marrying a poor man. (Seriously, I should write a crossover with this fairy tale and Disney’s Aladdin.)

At this point, our tale transitions to the poorer people. None of them precisely know why she’s gone, and we learn that “[e]ven the laborers of the fields…heard the news” and that one shepherd was an especially thoughtful thinker. He would

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Fairy Tale Friday: The Garden of Paradise 

Andersen’s Fairy Tales

by H. C. Andersen

This was an old Christmas present from my mom that I re-found at the beginning of the year. It’s a lovely old book, probably from a used book store. There’s a handwritten note in it dated to June 1961. And while I have other books with a lot of the same stories, there’s something adorable about this one so I’m going through reading all them. 

The Garden of Paradise (pg. 21-40)

Happy Earth Day

” If it had only been I it would not have happened! never would sin have entered the world'” (21).
“‘I looked at the mighty river, saw where it dashed over rocks in dust and flew with the clouds to carry the rainbow'” (26).
“‘He shall be laid in a coffin, but not now; I only mark him and then leave him for a time to wander about on the earth to expiate his sin and to grow better'” (40).

So much is set up in the first paragraph: what the Prince is like, what his upbringing was like, how he views the world (and whether that’ll be relevant later) and what will be his central goal through the story.

Namely, he’s a very cerebral person interested in knowledge, he never had to want for or search for anything, he views the world (and himself) in a simple and idealized manner, and he wants to reach the Garden of Paradise since he would not make the same mistake of Adam and be kicked out.

There is clear transition from the usual and everyday into a place outside the normal world when he wanders in the forest and it rains. There he meets an old woman who does not look or act the way he expects she should.

“An oldish woman, tall and strong enough to be a man dressed up, sat by the fire throwing on logs from time to time” (22).

And later,

“‘Oh, indeed!’ said the prince. ‘You seem to speak very harshly, and you are not so gentle as the women I generally see about me!'” (23).

She remains unaffected and uninterested in his critique, for she tells him that “‘I have to be harsh if I am to keep my boys under control!'” (23). Namely, she is the mother of the four winds.They are distinctly distinguished. They also have an air (ha!) of the wondrous; they signal supernatural/other forces in a world that is not run by the same rules as reality.

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