Writing Week • recalibration

I still like the idea of, at least, ruminating weekly on my writing — what I’ve done, what I’ve discovered, what I’ve focused on, what’s on my mind — but whenever it comes to the day to post (usually) Sunday, I feel rushed. 

So, I may try a different day (Monday? Tuesday?) And I’ll see if that feels less “gotta get it done, rush, rush, rush”.


As long as I’m here, I will say that I had deep character building moment this morning. Not just flaws and wants and interests, but the core cog of who this character is. And I’m just, I’m just so pleased. 


Fairest: Levana’s Story

by Marissa Meyer

Welp, I read this in four hours. I think I was looking forward to reading this one a lot more than the others, even Cress.

What held me in the story was the tease of what had happened to Levana to cause her to be disfigured and what exactly she looked like. I knew at some point the story had to let me know the details, so I kept reading.

Spoilers below

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The Lunar Chronicles

by Marissa Meyer

I read this back in March 2016 right after finishing Scarlet. I had been waiting to read Cress since I first read Cinder way back when. In Cress there was a lot of progression in the plot, a lot of moments that made me cringe (Scarlet…), and a lot of tense moments (oh my god, Meyer is really good at building tension).

Unfortunately, a lot of the Rapunzel aspects of the books were a little lackluster to me.

Spoilers below

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Knowledge is Key: Questions to ask yourself as a creator

I’ve been thinking… When you (as a creator, especially white ones) decide to add diversity to your cast…

First, gold star.

Second, here’s some question that may help make sure you don’t make as much a mess of it as you might. (I can’t gaurentee these are fool proof; they’re just a logical procedure I think makes sense and I hope will be helpful. Additionally, it’s what I try to do in my writing, though this isn’t limited to writing.)

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Dead Shroud of the Sun

Day 211

THE SUN ROSE. Or at least, he knew by the sudden alertness of his body that it should have. Dense cloud cover blotted out the sky; the only sign that anything had changed was a gentle white haze blossoming on the cold, hard ground. Like an unsubstantial frost, it slunk over the prickly moss and uneven rocks. Ashev shivered and gathered his cloak around him. Breakfast could wait; he wanted to get moving. 

Written: 6 May 2016

Words: 73 

Inspired: ? No idea. (Maybe writing/storytelling about him a lot last night?)


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